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From emotional intelligence to men's rights, Women of Distinction alumni Colleen Smith has some thought provoking opinions to share. Take a few moments of your morning to get motivated and then get moving!

As an alumni with a passion for building community, Sarah Spry is now member of the WOD planning committee and helping us to build an outstanding 2019 event you won't want to miss. Hear from her on the importance of mentors, women in STEM, and more!

We've been waiting for this year's series of Women of Distinction Spotlights. Get ready to hear from some AMAZING alumni from the past 25 years! We hope you're just as excited. This week we're featuring Angela Asadoorian, Broker of Record, President at Royal LePage Crown Realty Services. Thanks so much for sharing your story Angela!

Alysha has been making music since she was a child. She loves producing music and is grateful to have released songs from her heart to some really incredible response. Between having auto-immune disease, being severely bullied in school and having varying run-of-the-mill artist mental health idiosyncrasies (chicken and egg- do I make art because I am depressed or am I depressed because I'm an artist?), music has always been the place where she feels ok on this planet and in this life. She doesn’t have all the answers, but she certainly has a lot of questions. Yoga has also helped her find peace. Alysha is a three-time Juno nominated artist.

Savoy is the head coach and founder of the Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club, Canada’s first female-owned and trans-positive boxing club. Savoy has been honoured with a CAAWS Breakthrough Award from the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity for breaking through traditional barriers and paving the way for girls and women to participate in sport, a PRIDE Toronto Award recognizing outstanding contributions that have made an impact on the quality of human experience in the GLBTT community, and an Ontario Coaching Excellence Award recognizing outstanding coaches and their contribution to both their sport and athletes in Ontario. Want to hear her story? Get your tickets for She Talks on April 30 today!

We're really excited to represent Waterloo Region in this week's She Talk interview! Meet Meaghan Martin: Assistant to Member of Provincial Parliament Michael Harris, Public Speaker, Child Welfare Advocate Founder of Sleep Tight Waterloo Region and SO much more. Here's just a tidbit or two but trust us, you'll want to hear her story in full on April 30!

Dianne Bondy - is a celebrated yoga teacher, social justice activist and leading voice of the Yoga For All movement. Her inclusive view of yoga asana and philosophy inspires and empowers thousands of followers around the world – regardless of their shape, size, ethnicity, or level of ability.

The things this 2012 Young Woman of Distinction did before the age of 18 to transform her community stayed with the Women of Distinction committee for a long time. We were so inspired to see Andrea Wong has continued to tread an impact, and has received more accolades for her leadership in the healthcare field. You'll be inspired be too: read on!

The broad strokes of 2014 Women of Distinction winner Michele Braniff range from art to politic, and have one unified theme: she is always looking to the next opportunity to make impact where she lives. Find out more about this colorful catalyst of innovation!

Our team so enjoyed meeting this spunky, lighthearted, and well-loved local radio host in 2014. Since then, she's stayed engaged in our work and an active mentor for our girls. Hear what keeps Lisa Drew fueled and fired up for those very, VERY early mornings!

Next up in our Women of Distinction Alumni interview series is Linda Innannen. This WRDSB teacher inspired the pants off us in 2015 with the many intentional ways she built an empathetic classroom and school culture. Read on to hear how her award win helped shift her focus as a leader.

This week we're catching up with Women of Distinction Alumni Mano Duggal, owner of Phidon Pens. Hear about how she's staying inspired everyday, so that you can get some for yours! 

Here it is: the second in our 6-week series of Women of Distinction Alumni interviews! Up this week is Christine Vigna, former Young Woman of Distinction and now Presidenct of YWCA Cambridge Board of Directors!

While Tahani Aburaneh's face might look familiar, her personal story of triumph and tenacity is gonna blow. your. mind. Here's a sneak peek into her world!

Disclaimer: Alexis Gordon is about to upstage your morning or evening. Dive deep into this Stratford actress' thoughts on humility, sponges, and the ukelele. Meet her in person at She Talks on May 1!

It's time to disrupt your morning with some inspiration from Women of Distinction Winner (and now Women of Distinction Committee Chair!) Sarah Daly. 

Brevity is bold in the hands of Lorelei Williams. This powerhouse woman has an amazing story to tell: hear it first hand at our first inaugural She Talks event on May 1!

We're super proud to have the young and aspiring Madiha Syed performing an original spoken word piece at She Talks! Trust us you'll want to hear it first hand on May 1!  

The woman, the icon, the legend... you know who we're talking about! Lynn Spence, a long-time friend of YWCA Cambridge, lent us a few insights. But her words, like her style, are much better when seen up close... trust us.  Grab your tickets to She Talks so you can hear more from her on May 1!

Tip: the following experiment in empowerment pairs perfectly with your morning coffee :) Get your micro dose of Eden Hennessey here, and make sure to get your ticket to She Talks to soak in this inspirational woman's story in person on May 1!  

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