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She Talks Poster 2019

She Talks: Stories of Tenacity & Grit now in its third year, brings to life the stories of six remarkable women, all very accomplished in their fields of endeavour. They will share their stories of how they got to where they are now. Last year's audience described their stories as funny, poignant, honest, heart-breaking and raw. They will talk about their successes, their challenges, their mentors and the lessons they have learned along the way. 

2019 presenters include: Tessa Hill, Attiya Khan, Dana Bookman, Ren Navarro, Eugenia Duodo and Wazhma Frogh. The evening will be emceed by Lynn Spence. 

Tickets are on sale now; get yours here. Join us for this unforgettable fundraising event in support of the YWCA Cambridge's work with women, girls and non-binary youth at the Hamilton Theatre on April 29, 2019.

Thank you to our event partners for their support

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To watch a video compilation of last year's speakers, cick on the poster below!She talks 2018 video promo pic 

 86355298892017 She Talks Speakers with Host, Lynn Spence



 0217832979Paulette Senior, President and CEO, Canadian Women's Foundation

Photos and video courtesy of Andreas Trauttmansdorff Pictures

Girls' Programs: Winter 2019 Schedule

Here is a list of our upcoming Programs at the W for Winter 2019! All programs are completely free, and registration forms can be filled out here. 

More programs and events from our various YWCA Cambridge programs and WIGG events coming soon! If you have any issues or questions please contact us.

Please consider joining us in our annual celebration of education, empowerment and employment by sponsoring a graduate from our Small Steps to Success Program during the holidays. Each year, through the generosity of our community, we are able to provide gifts and necessities to help make the season brighter for some of our program participants. 

This year's Walk a Mile in Her Shoes walk takes place May 25, 2019!


What is Walk a Mile all about?

A Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® Event is a playful opportunity to raise awareness in our community about the serious nature of inequality and gender-based violence. Many walks in many cities raise awareness for violence against women: YWCA Cambridge’s focus is on building an equal and tolerant community. The premise is simple: raise pledges & rally together to walk a few blocks! We'll have music, food and a ton of other suprises for the whole family. Make sure to tell your supporters to come out and cheer you on while you walk: we'll make sure to keep them entertained!

New this year...

Everyone is welcome to walk! We ALL have an important role to play in building up tolerance and equality in our community, regardless of age or gender identity.

Don't want to sport the traditional red heels? No problem! Stiletto or pump, flat or sling back, flip flops or decorate your own shoes Walk A Mile style - you decide! All that matters is that you come with your game face on, ready to strut your stuff for the women in your life and the hundreds of women and girls who access services through YWCA Cambridge. As always, we will provide red heels for any walker who wants to don them!

Thank you to our Title Sponsor 

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Register for this year's event


There are TONS of built in features to our Artez Interactive fundraising page to help walkers share the news, get sponsors, track their pledges and MORE!  
Make a donation now!

Are you a walker? You can also get a pledge sheet from us and get pledges the traditional way: doing a practice lap around the office is always an easy way to garner some support!

sole sister


We’re thrilled to be using the Artez interactive fundraising platform for the event. Once you have registered as an individual, you can create or join a team from the administration page. You can setup an account manually, or login using your Facebook account. We think they make it pretty easy to register, but just in case here it is step by step:

  • Open the Artez interactive page
  • In the top left of the page, select Sign Up 
  • If this is your first time walking, select Create New Account; if you're a returnign walker, you can sign in with the account you have created from last year!
  • Accept the Waiver
  • Select Register an Individual or team (PLEASE NOTE: only the team captain needs to register as both an individual and create a team)
  • Enter your Name and Contact Information
  • Create a Username and Password
  • Set a Fundraising Goal (this will show on your Personal Fundraising Page). A favorite goal is around $500 per walker
  • Accept the Permissions Questions.
  • Customise your Personal Fundraising Page: add pictures, videos, customize your page title etc (you can edit all of these options later)
  • Customize your Personal Message: people will see this when they log on to your fundraising homepage
  • Send Emails & Get Social (you can use the "Ask Now" option from your Administration page).

If you still have questions, check out our FAQ (at the bottom of the page). If after that, you still have questions, contact us.

Visit the Walk a Mile Waterloo Region's Facebook page


Thanks so much to our Corporate Sponsors and community partners! You can see all of our supporters here. It is because of these financial and in-kind contributions that we were able to pull off such a successful event year after year. 
Get your brand out there by submitting a team, OR sponsor the event! We are always interested in in-kind donation, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to register as an individual Open or Close

    Once you have registered as an Individual, you can create or join a team from the administration page. You can setup an account manually, or login using your Facebook account.

    Registering Manually

    2. In the top left of the page, select Sign Up from the New Participants section.
    3. Select Register an Individual.
    4. Enter your Name and Contact Information.
    5. Enter a Username and Password.
    6. Set a Fundraising Goal (this will show on your Personal Fundraising Page).
    7. Accept the Permissions Questions.
    8. Customise your Personal Fundraising Page (you can edit all of these options later).
      • Custom Page Title.
      • Custom Personal Message.
      • Upload Videos.
      • Upload Images.
    9. Send Emails & Get Social (you can use the "Ask Now" option from your Administration page).

    If you have any questions, send us a message or call us at (519) 267-6444.

  • One more question...will it hurt? Open or Close

    Here are a few tips to make the walk pain free:

    • Remember to wear thin socks
    • Wear bandaids on your heels to prevent blisters
    • Try wrapping an elastic band around your shoes to keep them from slipping
    • Practice, practice, practice
    • Get a friend to join you, and challenge each other!
    • Take your time, walk confidently and most importantly: HAVE FUN!
  • Welcome Walkers Open or Close


    WAM walkers banner

    Register to Walk

    We’re thrilled to be using the Artez interactive fundraising platform for our next Walk a Mile event on June 4th, 2016. Find the details above, or Watch this helpful videos: one on how on how to register and one on the main features of the website:  If you still have questions, contact us!

    Getting Pledges

    From walks to runs to cookie batter, we know: fundraising is not usually much fun and doesn’t seem too easy. Well we’d like to change that for you.Here are a few simple steps to help you raise your $100 MINIMUM PLEDGE:

      1. Start small: ask four family members or friends to contribute $25 each (ask online using social media or email, or in person). Done: your minimum donation covered
      2. Pin the poster to the community board in your office or community centre or display your shoes and postcard (found in your PR kit. Let people know that YOU are supporting this great cause, and THEY can support you!
      3. Wear your shoes and bring your pledge sheet to an upcoming staff or committee meeting... and be prepared to take pledges!
      4. Take a picture of you practicing your strut and make it your Facebook or Twitter profile picture. Provide a link to your personal fundraising page so people can donate to you while they’re still laughing (with you, of course: not at you).
      5. Display your PR Kit where everyone can see it, along with your pledge sheet. Try them on to demonstrate. Offer to walk up the street for $5, pose for a picture for $10, etc. Repeat if necessary.
      6. Women LOVE to support Walk a Mile! Let the women in your office know what you’re doing and ask them to help. We guarantee you they’ll have a few ideas. Know someone that’s especially resourceful and loves a good cause? She might make a great sole sister! Details above.
      7. Spend a few minutes clicking around on your Artez Fundraising Page and use the tools they provide. Set a personal fundraising goal, personalize your page by adding pictures, customize and send emails, update your supporters or use social media. Learn how to do everything by watching this video!

      8. It’s always more fun with friends. Recruit a few family members or colleagues, and plan a little public showing. Bring your pledge sheets, and be prepared to take pledges!
  • What is Artez Interactive? Open or Close

    YWCA Cambridge is using a new online fundraising application called Artez Interactive. The software allows us to easily manage registrations, donations and tax receipts: more importantly, it allows you to create a Personal Fundraising page so you can mobilize your networks and get pledges online. Artez’ built in features make customizing a donor page, sharing, getting sponsors, and tracking your fundraising all incredibly easy!

    We've got awesome and helpful videos above to help walk you through the platform: watch these for details about everything we could think to tell you! If you still have any questions regarding the registration process or any other features after watching these videos, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • What is the money raised for? Open or Close

    Proceeds help us to meet the increasing demand for our programs such as Small Steps to Success, Roots of Empathy and our Girls' Programs. Learn more about who we are.

  • What's in it for me? Open or Close

    Last year's walk included FREE lunch and foot massages as well as great pictures from Emily Beatty Imagery ! There will be tons of great activities for the whole family again next year, so bring them along. Wear company shirts the day of the event and build your brand: we’ll help by spreading the word through our social media, too!

  • When is the WAM Event? Open or Close

    The walk itself starts at 12 and there will be registration, and family activities starting at 11 am. The walk is on Saturday, May 26 2018 at the Cambridge City Hall. We can't wait to see you there!

  • Where do I get the shoes? Open or Close

    We provide the shoes. Once you register with your shoe size, get in touch with us to arrange early pick up by calling 519-267-6444 or sending us a message. It's always easier to get pledges when you can show off a little plus the early practice helps!

  • Who can participate? Open or Close

    Walk a Mile participants are only men: HOWEVER, if you're a woman who wants to get involved and support the cause, see our Sole Sisters section above.  Since this is a family friendly event, bring the whole family: we'll take as many spectators as we can get!

  • Why Walk? Open or Close

    As a multi-service organization, YWCA Cambridge works in a number of ways with all kinds of community members: from the women in our Small Steps to Success Program to the grade school students in our Roots of Empathy programs to our many girls programs, we’re eager to involve everyone in our mission to create a more equal and tolerant community. Social justice is an issue which affects everyone: and you see, its really not an equal community if everyone isn’t on board. When you step up to Walk a Mile, you not only help to support our programs financially but act as an advocate forwhat we do and help us spread our message!


2019 marks the Women of Distinction Awards 25th anniversary! 

Since 1994, YWCA Cambridge has recognized over 250 inspiring women that are making a real difference in our community. Join us on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at Galt Country Club, when we'll welcome even more inspiring women into this special collective. Buy your tickets now!

PLEASE NOTE: Our nominations are currently closed for 2019. Thank you to all those who nominated and our nominees!

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