YWCA Cambridge Team

Giving a voice to the needs of cis and trans women and girls and non-binary and two-spirit individuals through innovative and responsive programs, services and advocacy.

Our team of dedicated professionals works tirelessly to improve the lives of the participants and clients we serve. They act as a leading voice of social justice advocacy in our community and beyond.

Meet Our Team

Kim Decker Headshot

Kim Decker, CEO

519-267-6444 Ext 231 k.decker@ywcacambridge.ca

Mary Headshot

Mary Wright, Director of Finance Administration

519-267-6444 Ext 226 m.wright@ywcacambridge.ca

Roz Gunn headshot

Rosalind (Roz) Gunn, Director of Communications & Advocacy

519-267-6444 Ext 224 r.gunn@ywcacambridge.ca


Kristina Lyman, Director of Child Care services

519-267-6444 Ext. 222 k.lyman@ywcacambridge.ca

Headshot-of-Nataleigh -Ballantyne

Nataleigh Ballantyne, Director of Philanthropy


Kate Taylor headshot

Kate Taylor, Director of Programs

519-622-9960 Ext 229 k.taylor@ywcacambridge.ca

Headshot of Zoe Whitman

Zoe Whitman, Project Manager



Jen Gordon, Manager of Advocacy


Woman's headshot

Karen Manning, Behaviour and Inclusion Supervisor

519-267-6444 Ext 223 k.manning@ywcacambridge.ca

Fatma El Hefney headshot

Fatma El Hefney, Director of Summer Camp & supervisor, LINC preschool

519-267-6444 Ext. 228 or 226-220-6285 linc@ywcacambridge.ca camp@ywcacambridge.ca

Kim Whalen headshot

Kim Whalen, Supervisor, St. Elizabeth Child Care

519-654-9366 Ext 237 k.whalen@ywcacambridge.ca

Woman holding phone in front of face with text "photo coming soon"

Wendy Gilchrist, Supervisor, Blue Heron Child Care

519-653-0746 Ext 241 w.gilchrist@ywcacambridge.ca

Photo of staff member Gillian Scott

Gillian Scott, Supervisor, Woodland Park Child Care
Interim Assistant Director, Child Care Services

519-267-6444 ext 240
(226) 807-0711 g.scott@ywcacambridge.ca

Woman holding phone in front of face with text "photo coming soon"

Susan Mathers, Supervisor,
St. Margaret Child Care

519-622-6773 s.mathers@ywcacambridge.ca

Woman holding phone in front of face with text "photo coming soon"

Katrina O'Brien, Assistant Supervisor,Blue Heron Child Care

519-653-0746 k.obrien@ywcacambridge.ca

Laura photo headshot

Laura Einwechter, Assistant Supervisor, St. Elizabeth Child Care

519-654-9366 l.einwechter@ywcacambridge.ca

Photo of staff member Melissa Slade

Melissa Slade, Assistant Supervisor, Woodland Park Child Care

(226) 807-0711

Woman standing in front of red brick wall

Sara Hohenadel, Small Steps to Success Program Coordinator

519-622-9960 Ext 234 s.hohenadel@ywcacambridge.ca

headshot of Terr MacDonald

Terra MacDonald, Small Steps To Success Outreach Coordinator

519-622-9960 Ext 235 t.macdonald@ywcacambridge.ca

Headshot of Shannon Thoms

Shannon Thoms, Outreach Coordinator

519-622-9960 s.thoms@ywcacambridge.ca

Headshot of Cailtlyn

Caitlyn Jaipersaud, Where I Stand Program Facilitator

519-622-9960 c.jaipersaud@ywcacambridge.ca


Lili Galbraith, Roots of Empathy Coordinator



Shelby Aspinall, Assistant Director, Child Care Services

On Maternity Leave


Jaimie Syms, Assistant Director, Summer Camp

(May to August only)

Meet Our Board

Christine Vigna

Chief People Officer
Dejero Labs Inc.
Focused knowledge in HR, Compensation, DEI.

Norma McDonald-Ewing

Director, Employee Experience & Development
Conestoga College
Facilitation and coaching, understanding of non-profit challenges, political acumen

Darlene Sigel

BDO Canada LLP
Financial knowledge, taxation, accounting.

Sue Sturdy

Supporter of YWCA Cambridge for over 35 years
History, community, documentation

Ailish McIntyre

Board Member
Human Resources Manager
Human Resources knowledge, analytical skills, strategic thinking

Meagan Swan

Board Member
Lawyer, Partner
Pavey Law LLP
Provide oversight and guidance on HR matters, operational liability, financial budgeting and business operations.

Stacy Colliver

Board Member
PhD Candidate
University of Waterloo.
Experience in nonprofit leadership, grant-writing and fundraising

Naomi Ma

Board Member
Director of Marketing and Product Strategy
Hazon Digital Media
Digital Marketing, multidimensional thinking, empathy

Melissa Paige Kennedy

Board Member
Independent Contractor
Business experience, board experience, trans-woman perspective.

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