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Your Donation Can Make a Difference

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Community based violence prevention programming in our community reach 1,858 individuals in 2022. 

The team at YWCA Cambridge and programming staff at The W were busy this year responding to the needs of cis and trans girls, non-binary and two-spirit youth. A 70% increase in demands for gender-based violence prevention programming, has resulted in a waitlist of hundreds of students in need of program supports. 

YWCA Cambridge has a goal of raising $10,000.00 by the end of this year. These funds will ensure the continuity and expansion of critical community programming in 2023. This participant lead programming has the ability to combat the sexual harassment, violence, bullying, racism, and homophobia that youth are experiencing. 

Be a champion for child and youth resilience this year.


The Kids Are Not OK

“It’s a hard sell, getting folks to invest in prevention work because the outcomes aren’t always immediately obvious or quantifiable,” said YWCA Cambridge CEO, Kim Decker. 

“But we have the data from our 11 years of providing violence-prevention programming. We’ve seen dramatic increases in feelings of connectedness, of wellbeing, confidence and resilience among participants in our programming. That’s why, as child and youth wellbeing is being challenged, demand for our programming is increasing.”

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Programs Dedicated to Gender-Based Violence Prevention

Thank You

Thank you to all of the generous individuals and organizations that have embraced the work of YWCA Cambridge over the years and continue to support throughout the effects of the pandemic. We are truly grateful for your overwhelming support.

Donations of $20 or more will receive a charitable tax receipt.

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