The feminist night market

A virtual marketplace for local, handmade goods in support of YWCA Cambridge’s programming at The W.

We’re thrilled to be hosting our first virtual market on July 10 & 11!  The market will feature incredible local makers and artists, with items available for sale via our Instagram channel.
To shop the vendors, find @thewfeministnightmarket on Instagram. 

Meet our vendors

various jewelry

“People keep things for a reason – because they are meaningful. Most of the time they get tucked away and forgotten about. So why not make something that can be incorporated into your daily life? Honour your memories: the places you have traveled, the people you have known, and the special events that make up your life.” – Amar Bhuee, Artist & Owner

Amar Bhuee creates Wearable & Displayable Art using photographs, keepsakes & botanicals. Custom orders are welcome

various scrunchies

Alula Scrunchies are handmade in Guelph by two friends who have a love for pretty fabrics and cute designs. Scrunchies are the perfect way to dress up any hair style and offer a solution for any bad hair day. Alula Scrunchies can also be worn as a gorgeous wrist accessory.

various jewelry

I believe we need to do what makes us happy in this life, and that’s where honey house was born! The journey started with my partner, Matt, and I creating various wood pieces, and as time has gone on, I’ve eventually landed here.
I enjoy making pieces that make you feel good and are functional. I love including crystals in my pieces for their gentle and calming nature. I also don’t like to take life too seriously, and I tend to live life with the attitude that if it doesn’t serve you or bring you joy, then screw it! So if my NSFW pieces speak to you, then I think we’d be friends.

Products from "Mama B's"

Herbal products to comfort you in your time of need because sometimes, you just need the special nurturing that only a mother can provide, Whether you need to harness the healing properties of roots and herbs to tame a disruption in your body’s harmony, nutritional support or just some fancy bath and body care products, Mama B can provide you with artisanal treats that are organic and locally sourced wherever possible. Each item is lovingly handcrafted is small batches to ensure the maximum saturation of positive intention and the highest quality results.

various jewelry

Young Huron creates custom brass and crystal jewelry that allows you to wear your why and is meant to empower the wearer through the beauty of nature. Pieces are made with new, repurposed, and vintage components; as well as raw crystals with all the majesty and history of Mother Nature. Each piece is totally one of a kind and made with so much love.

various art

ArtworX & Design is a small business specializing in stencil free, hand painted signs and decor, as well as beeswax wraps located in Guelph, ON. Each item is made with love and care. Signs and decor are available for purchase through Etsy, or by custom order.

three candles with funny labels

100% organic American soy wax candles made in Guelph, Ontario. Made in reusable jars with a cotton wick and free from dyes and phthalates. These clean-burning candles are a great addition to any home.

All of Katrina’s products are handmade with love and and a little sass!  Katrina uses soy to create her candles after personally experiencing some of the negative side effects of many commercially available wax candles, including headaches.


two pairs of shoes and three wallets

Curated thrift clothing from people who are frustrated with the status quo.

Uprise Thrift was born when the creative team behind the shop noticed significant gaps in the retail thrift market that ignored body diversity and assigned clothing based on traditional gender norms.  The team’s goal is to curate an inclusive space to share thrifted fashions at affordable prices.  Fashion for all bodies and all people. 

various jewelry

J&J was founded in March 2020 as a means to keep myself busy during COVID but after just a couple of days of immersing myself in this “hobby” – I quickly realized, I loved (and still love) polymer clay. The creativity I have been able to express thus far makes a wonderful change to my regular life.

tote bags with various prints

I am a high school art and science teacher, creating products out of largely upcycled, locally-sourced materials, with an emphasis on feminism, science and the environment.

animal print scrunchie
Uprise Thrift
various necklaces
cross-stitch necklace
baby onesies with various graphics
gold necklace with text in french
necklaces with clay letter pendants
various jewelry on display

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