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Uplift Reskilling program


uPLIFT: a brand new Reskilling Program in cambridge

Advancing employment opportunities in our community

YWCA Cambridge’s newest program “Uplift” provides women and non-binary people the opportunity to reskill or upskill in the specialized technology fields through certification training and additional supports related to job development and navigating traditionally male-dominated workplaces.

Uplift participants will have access to certification training with a provincially recognized institution. YWCA staff will assist participants  through activities such as mock interviews and resume-building as well as provide job coaching and self-development workshops.


Applications for the Fall Cohort 2023 are now closed.  

Course Overview:

Employer demand for Data Science professionals is being driven by the need to analyze business intelligence data to inform organizational decision-making. This trend will accelerate as richer data sets become available and data analytics becomes a ubiquitous skill set across many business professions.

Data Scientists ultimately create algorithms and modelling processes that help businesses extract wanted data. Using your analytical and programming skills, as a data scientist, you will collect, interpret and analyze very large data sets in order to develop solutions to difficult business challenges.

Building on your prior knowledge of statistical analysis and programming, you will learn how to use data analytics, predictive analytics and big data tools to understand the basic technical concepts and challenges of Big Data. The program’s final course will include a capstone project that draws on previous experience with data science as well as the skills gained from the curriculum to address a real-world problem

The Data Science Certificate will provide you a solid understanding of data science and the role of the data scientist in the real-world environment. The certificate is a cohort program and the three required courses must be completed in order.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Discern which data analytic methods and processes to use that will inform organizational decision-making.
  • Develop skills in data acquisition, processing, and cleaning to prepare data for analysis.
  • Demonstrate the use of statistical methods and predictive modelling to answer queries, predict trends and real-world problems.
  • Analyze big data using analytical tools such as Hadoop, Hive, and Spark and draw meaningful conclusions from big data sets.
  • Create compelling narratives/presentations of data analysis results utilizing techniques of data visualization and non-technical language.


  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Science Specialist

Our Program Partners

We are proud to offer this program in partnership with the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and McMaster University. Certification training focused on the advanced manufacturing and specialized technology fields will be offered through this program. Training fees for participants are generously covered by the FedDev Ontario.

If you have questions about eligibility or require more information, please contact Ashley Locke, Program Coordinator, Reskilling Program at a.locke@ywcacambridge.ca

Are you an Employer Interested in providing mentorship or employment opportunities to participants?

YWCA Cambridge’s Uplift Reskilling program is an innovative upskilling/reskilling program designed to meet the changing needs of the advanced manufacturing sector in Cambridge and surrounding areas. If your organization is interested in providing mentorship opportunities to current students or think that our graduates could round out your workforce upon graduation, we would love to hear from you! Please contact Ashley Locke, a.locke@ywcacambridge.ca  Program Manager to learn more.

"I joined the Data Science Uplift program with little idea what all opportunities exist and what data science actually meant...I feel proud and happy to be a part of the STEM women community now, and am ambitious and more confident than before this course. It really made a difference!"
Monica; Uplift Data Science Cohort #1 Participant
"The Uplift Program provided me with a chance to get into a field that is predominantly run by men. It not only gave me the education and resources I need to succeed but the genuine care from staff at the Uplift Program and their constant effort to connect us with the Data Science community and job resources made this experience incredible."
Saba; Uplift Data Science Cohort #1 Participant

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