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Small Steps To Success

Small Steps to Success is a 12-week holistic pre-employment and life skills program for women and gender-diverse individuals. This in-person program, aimed at supporting women throughout the Region of Waterloo, provides the flexibility for participants to learn within a safe and supportive environment. Participants boost their confidence and skills, identify new strengths and goals, receive support in managing stress and budgets, and learn how to navigate interpersonal relationships in the workplace and beyond daily life. Small Steps to Success programs begin each September, January and April. If needed, assistance with organizing transportation and child care is available. 

Upon entry into the program, participants gain access to all of the material and resources needed to take part within the program.Facilitators are present to help support and navigate any challenges along the way. Participants will have access to employment related content such as communications, time and stress management and conversations around how to break through some of the barriers in gaining and maintaining employment. During a three week volunteer placement, participants will have the opportunity to identify and work in desired career paths, set goals and create current work experiences and references. Participants will leave the program with an updated cover letter and resume, practical learning around career exploration and job searching, and how to shine in interviews, even the virtual ones! Upon completion of the program, participants take part in a celebratory graduation, receive wrap-around support and access to groups to maintain those meaningful connections made with others within the program!

What sets Small Steps apart? The support received from Small Steps to Success does not expire, the program continues to support and work with graduates along their journey: connecting participants to needed community resources, continued job searches and just to listen.

Programs are being offered in person. Our hours remain the same, Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. and we continue to offer both one-to-one and group support. 


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Women In Transition

Women in Transition was born out of the feedback that has been received from group members after completing Small Steps to Success. Many participants feel that they could benefit from further support in developing self-esteem and self-love even after the end of our 12 week program. Through Women In Transition, we hope to create a safe and supportive environment to identify our growth areas and begin to cement that strong foundation in order to continue to move forward. Participants in Women in Transition are also joined by women who are hoping to enter Small Steps to Success in the future, but currently face barriers that prevent them from being group ready. The goal for these women is to be Small Steps participants in a future session. 

This small, supportive group meets on an ongoing basis prior to the next Small Steps to Success cycle, with the hope that those women who have yet to enter the Small Steps program will do so at that  time. Each week we engage in a hands-on activity or a check in with each other to stay connected to the community that has been created through Small Steps to Success. 

Mood Walks

Mood Walks are available to past, current, and future Small Steps to Success Participants. This group meets weekly on a local trail, offering an opportunity to spend time outdoors while being social.  


These programs are generously funded by the Region of Waterloo.


My Story →
“The best thing about the group was the facilitators. They were very encouraging and inclusive. Drawing me out of my comfort zone to think and act more positively and assertively.” - Program Participant


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“Worth every day spent. It’s more than a career builder, it’s a life change.” - Program Participant


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“I would recommend this group. You benefit by gaining self-esteem and confidence. You learn that other people have problems and you are not alone.” - Program Participant


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“This program should be in every town and city. It is much needed, accepts all walks of life, very accepting, supportive and understanding.” - Program Participant
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Let’s Make A Difference Together

Volunteers are the heart of what we do. By being so generous with their time, skills, passion and creativity, our team of dedicated volunteers are our advocates and allies in this work to support and embolden cis and trans women & girls, non-binary and Two-Spirit individuals and advocate for equality.


Community leaders striving for gender equity for all by using our voices, our programs and our expertise

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