YWCA Cambridge

Giving a voice to the needs of cis and trans women and girls, non-binary and Two-spirit individuals
through innovative, inclusive and responsive programs, services and advocacy

About YWCA Cambridge

As a member agency of YWCA Canada, YWCA Cambridge is part of a national movement known as the country’s oldest and largest women's multi-service organization, the largest national provider of shelter, literacy, life skills, employment and counselling programs, and is the second largest provider of child care services in Canada. For over 70 years, YWCA Cambridge has been a respected leader on issues that impact women and girls in our community.

Mission & Vision


YWCA Cambridge, a trusted community leader, gives a voice to the needs of cis and trans women and girls and non-binary and two-spirit individuals through innovative and responsive programs, services and advocacy.


Through leadership, advocacy and program and service delivery, YWCA Cambridge will influence communities to ensure all cis and trans women and girls and non-binary and two-spirit individuals are respected, valued and equal.

Our Values

Women's Leadership

 YWCA Cambridge works with and for women and from a women’s perspective. We believe women must take leadership in order to achieve equity and equality for all women


YWCA Cambridge is committed to being accessible and welcoming to all people who participate in our work, our programs and our services.


We believe that we are accountable to our stakeholders, participants and volunteers and as such, we manage and grow our organization in a responsible and sustainable way related to our mission, vision and values.


We believe in the fundamental right and responsibility of women and girls to make choices regarding their lives and to support them in those choices.

Community Mindedness

We are part of a local, national and global community. We believe in and support the growth and development of healthy communities.


We believe in an inclusive environment that respects the dignity and diversity of our participants, staff and volunteers and encourages them to reach their full potential.


We foster an environment of equality and open-mindedness to ensure that individual voices are heard.

Our Guiding Principle

YWCA Cambridge connects the community with the realities of the lives of cis and trans women and girls and non-binary and two-spirit individuals. With respect, we share their stories and experiences to educate, build awareness and influence change.

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How Can You Make a Difference?

YWCA Cambridge works with some of the most marginalized women, girls and non-binary and two-spirit youth in our community. Through leadership, advocacy and program and service delivery, we can make a real impact in this community one life at a time. But we need your help.

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If you have a question about YWCA Cambridge, our programs or events, or simply want to get involved, please give us a call or send us an email.

Contact Us

Address: 102-55 Dickson Street, Cambridge, Ontario, N1R 7A5

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Saturdays, Sundays & holidays: closed

Tel: (519) 267-6444 
Main Email: info@ywcacambridge.ca

W Programming Email: thew@ywcacambridge.ca

Shades’s Mills Camp Email: camp@ywcacambridge.ca

WIGG Email: wigg@ywcacambridge.ca

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