She Talks Spotlight: Madiha Syed

We’re super proud to have the young and aspiring Madiha Syed performing an original spoken word piece at She Talks! Trust us you’ll want to hear it first hand on May 1!  

1. In moments of self doubt and adversity how do you build yourself back up again?

It is not a choice for me, I am forced to. Our world moves fast and if you can’t hold on you will fall hard and get left behind. No one’s going to wait for you so you take a breath, a moment and get back up and get back into the game. It isn’t even a choice to quit, it is a matter of survival. It doesn’t matter how high you go or hard hard you fall, it matters on how you get back up and get back to fighting and running up a hill called life, that defines you as a person. So I breathe and get up and fight harder and always smile!

2. What is your go-to for inspiration and motivation?

My Sister, even though I like to watch a sappy movie and eat a lot of food to motivate me, I cannot deny that my sister is a true role model. She has had so many opposing forces holding her down but she still manages to break free and still have the courage and passion to paint. Even though she has had people tell she will never make it. Every time she falls, she gets back up and holds her brush. You know sometimes she might not have the strength to get up but she will always pick up her brush. And that’s what amazes me. Even though we fight I know she will be right there for me. When I need a boost in life I go and watch and learn from her and her stories, they inspire me to project my voice.

3. What’s your personal Motto?

“Do things that will be great stories for your grandkids” ~Madiha Syed
Comment on that is, Who do you like to hear stories from at family events? The mature will put together relative or the relative that was an immature spontaneous adolescent? Man, do they got some funny stories!

4. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I ever get is from people who give me negative advice. People who told me I suck or I can’t do it cause I am not enough or have made me hurt and upset. They were part of the lows in my life and they showed me the power and beauty in my highs. Beause from up there, I can see how much I’ve climbed and evolved as a person. I mean good advice inspires you but negative advice or in other words hate, sparks your little fire to a flame and pushes you to prove them wrong. It pushes you to go from enough to beyond. I like to put my anger and passion together and make something beautiful from it.

5. What’s the greatest lesson you have learned from leadership?

You have to be strong willed and not fall for the sucking up and manipulation of your teammates because they will make you feel so good and confident. Next thing you know you end up doing all the work and they get the grade.

6. Who do you think is a great role model for girls?

Every girl is different and needs different support and inspiration. And there are many different role models out there that offer support to different types of girls so I can’t pick one and generalize all girls to one type. But I can say places like the YWCA girls space is a great role model environment. It provides a safe and open space for young adolescent girls, it creates an environment where these girls can feel safe and grow safely to became the role model. To become the women they needed as a child.

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