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Women of Distinction Spotlight: Norma McDonald Ewing

A long-time board member/volunteer/advocate/friend of YWCA Cambridge, Norma McDonald Ewing is one of those women that makes busy look easy. Even if she’s running between commitments (which she usually is!), she’s always got a smile on and encouraging words to offer. She was also instrumental in creating the first awards 25 years ago and for that we owe her a great debt of gratitude. Thanks Norma!

1. What have you been up to since your big win?
I have been involved in teaching and learning processes as an educator, a trainer and a coach since I won the award. I work at Conestoga College, with the Colleges in Ontario, across the country and internationally. I believe that formal and informal learning is transformative and feel privileged to engage with others in impactful experiences.

2. Name the biggest overall lesson you’ve learned about leadership
Leadership is about a relationship between the leader and the individual engaging with the leader. If the relationship is based on respect and trust anything is possible. Everyone has the potential to be a leader. 

Blue square with a quote from Norma: "I never fail to be inspired by the clarity and creativity youth bring to issues that as adults we clutter with other variables, assumptions and barriers."

3. What’s your personal and professional motto?
Listen carefully and practice kindness.

4. What does the world need more of? Less of?
The world needs people who spend more energy on making a positive difference and less energy passing judgement on others choices and circumstances.

5. What’s your go-to when you need inspiration or motivation?
Time spent with youth inspires and motivates me. I never fail to be inspired by the potential of youth and the clarity and creativity they bring to a situation or issue that as adults we clutter with other variables, assumptions and barriers. I am motivated by a youth or youth’s ability to name what is truly important. My heart fills with hope.

The 2019 event is so close, friends: in fact, it’s TOMORROW! But good news there’s still time to purchase your tickets! Special thanks to Galt Country Club for our space: we can’t wait to celebrate with you there in just about 24 hours!

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