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YWCA Ontario Supports Education Workers: Statement

This week, the Ontario government passed legislation invoking the Notwithstanding Clause. This decision not only overrides rights laid out in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but threatens to fine individuals and unions who choose to strike while forcibly imposing a four-year contract.

YWCA Ontario supports the 55,000 education workers in Ontario, who are predominantly women, and opposes the Ontario government’s decision to use the notwithstanding clause to override constitutionally protected labour rights.

We support workers’ rights to fair collective bargaining. We do not support anti-labour legislation that poses a grim threat to the lowest-paid education workers across our province. Education workers, who support the youngest members of our community, deserve to be paid an adequate wage. Education workers ensure schools are safe for children, ensuring that students receive the critical care and support they need. Education workers are essential workers and are vital to our society. It is critical that their labour is respected, recognized and fairly compensated.

We encourage the Ontario government to negotiate and not legislate.

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