Photo of the back of a young girl wearing a cape. She's standing on the stop of a structure, looking out at a skyline. The text over the photo is "Catch the Ace for YWCA Cambridge. The online lottery with weekly draws.

YWCA Cambridge Launches Catch The Ace Online Lottery To Raise Much-Needed Funds

CAMBRIDGE — You can now try to catch the ace in support of YWCA Cambridge, a local nonprofit that provides child care, camps and a number of programming for children, youth and adults.

“YWCA Cambridge has seen significant financial losses as a result of cancelling fundraising events, suspension of our child care programs during lockdown and continuing low registration numbers in our centres,” said YWCA Cambridge Executive Director, Kim Decker.

“This lottery is a fun way for us to generate some funds, while not asking a whole lot from individuals. Plus, winners share the weekly jackpot with us, so participants could be getting back more than they gave!”

You can purchase tickets online at  

When you purchase a ticket, you select an electronic envelope where you believe the Ace of Spades is located. If your ticket number is selected in the weekly draw, you win the weekly prize and the electronic envelope is checked to see if it contains the Ace of Spades. The person with the envelope containing the Ace of Spades wins the progressive jackpot in addition to the weekly jackpot.

Draws take place every Thursday at 1:00 p.m. until the Ace of Spades is caught, at which point, the lottery starts over again. 50 per cent of all ticket sales will support YWCA Cambridge’s vital programming in the Cambridge area.

The first draw took place on Thursday, December 17 and the next one will be Thursday, December 24 at 1:00 p.m. Players must be 19 years of age or older and buying the ticket in Ontario.

For more information, contact Caroline Barker, Director of Philanthropy, YWCA Cambridge,

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